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Who Are We

Laminating Technology Limited commenced trading in December 1989 in a 5,000Sq foot leased factory.

Today the company owns two factories covering around 60,000Sq foot of manufacturing space and employs around 80 staff. The company trade name of Lamtek was introduced in 1990.

Lamtek today operates one of the most modern kitchen carcase factories in the UK, and is probably the largest own brand flat pack carcase only manufacturer in the UK, as the larger manufacturers generally market their own kitchen ranges complete with doors.

Lamtek supports local retailers, independent kitchen distributors, national kitchen distributors and overseas kitchen distributors with flat packed own brand carcases.

Lamtek operates a policy of renewing our main line machinery every 7 years. This ensures that the plant is always using the latest technologies, giving our customers the best machining quality available and eliminating any delays arising from machinery breakdown. Each order is checked and packed by hand so as to assure the products you order arrive exactly as they should do.

The company offers a range of 8 colour coordinated flat packed carcase finishes to choose from. All carcases are made from18mm UK produced melamine faced chipboard which is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified.

All of the excess offcuts are burnt to provide heat for our factories; this includes all the chipboard particles generated from our machining processes which are transferred via our integrated extraction system into our wood waste burner. This reduces the companies need to use landfill sites for waste disposal, making a small contribution to helping our environment.

The company currently produces around 4,000 kitchen carcases per week and supplies three different drawer ranges, a metal sided standard range with an 18mm alabaster M.F.C. bottom and back, a full extension soft close TEKForm range with a 16mm grey M.F.C. bottom and back & a Hettich soft closing range.

Our specials shop manufactures units to whatever size the customer requires. In today’s market, doors are available in any size, so we have ensured that we can manufacture carcases to follow this trend.

Our unique manufacturing facility and our commitment to stock holding ensure that we can fulfil all orders within 5 working days, the majority of orders are dispatched within 3 working days and collections can be made on individual kitchens usually within 24 hours.
The company backs up its delivery/collection service with over 200 tons of melamine faced chipboard stock to ensure that we meet our delivery promises, regardless of the carcase colour chosen by our customers.

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