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Constructed using 1 Robe End Pack with 1 Robe Internal pack, 1 divider and 1 Robe Shelf Pack

Robe End Pack (ROBE-END) consists of 2 x ends drilled to suit 2150 height doors or 1495mm height doors with 3 x 215mm drawers below

Robe Internal Pack (RINTP) consists of 1 x top, 1 x btm, 1 x fixed shelf,

1 x hanging rail, 3 x 8mm back panels and 2 x 18mm back support rails


Divider (ROBE-DIV) 495mm deep panel to be fitted between bottom panel and fixed shelf. To be positioned dependent on requirements to suit any size shelf pack.


Robe Shelf Pack (RSP) consists of 4 x loose shelves.

Fittings, adjustable legs and titus soft close hinges are supplied as part of the internal pack.

For example to order a 1000mm wide split robe with a 500mm shelf pack as diagram you would order 1 x Robe-End , 1 x RINTP-100, 1 x ROBE-DIV & 1 x RSP-50 specifying the colour required.

Split Robe

Split Robe.jpg
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