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Constructed using 1 Robe End Pack with 1 Robe Internal pack, 1 Full Depth Shelf & 3 drawers (Requires customer supplied drawer fronts)

Robe End Pack (ROBE-END) consists of 2 x ends drilled to suit 2150 height doors or 1495mm height doors with 3 x 215mm drawers below

Robe Internal Pack (RINTP) consists of 1 x top, 1 x btm, 1 x fixed shelf,

1 x hanging rail, 3 x 8mm back panels and 2 x 18mm back support rails

Robe Full Depth Shelf (RFDS) 1 x full depth shelf is required to cover the top drawer.

Drawers supplied seperately. We supply Tekform soft close bedroom drawers (TEKBSC) and Metabox non soft close pan drawers (MPD) for use in our robes. Hettich drawers are not suitable for our bedroom units.

Fittings, adjustable legs and titus soft close hinges are supplied as part of the internal pack.

For example to order a 1000mm wide robe with external drawer you would order 1 x Robe-End, 1 x RINTP-100, 1 x RFDS-100, specifying the colour required, along with 3 x TEKBSC100 drawers.

Robe With External Drawers

External Drawers.jpg
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